Roulette Trigger - 1 Dozens

64,52 € ($72.00)
Brand: X-TriggerX-Trigger

Game type: Turbo!!!

Minimal bank: 100 EUR/GPB/USD

Recommended minimal bank: 150 EUR/GPB, или 200 USD

Minimal bet: 4 USD/EUR/GBP.. It’s impossible to change this figure.

Approximate profit per day: Individual.

Loss recouping: Yes

Trigger’s Description:

This trigger from third party, working with us is made for Roulette-turbo. Using Dozens market. Not to overload your system it’s necessary to leave only Dozens market in X-Feeder’s settings. The remaining markets better keep turned off. Trigger is using loss recouping.

There is constant n in the trigger, which could be changed by user. More you will set in constant n field, more reliable will be trigger, but the amount of income will be less too. Exactly in the trigger we are selling, costant n = 11 (can be changed). When it was tested, we observed that trigger can pass couple of days without any bids, so don’t worry if will be so. Just it is waiting for better situation.

During testing from 06/01/2013 to 06/30/2013 the income was $ 687.43 with a minimum bet 4$. Trigger is counting amount of next bet by itself.