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98,56 €

Description: Previous name: Hi Lo Back Card 1 Or Further With Limits Minimal bank: 52.76 EUR/GPB or 106 USD Recommended bank: 106 EUR/GPB or 212 USD Minimal bet: 2 EUR/GBP or 4 USD. Approximate profit per day: 50 USD/EUR/GBP with stake 5 USD/EUR/GBP. Loss recouping: No Trigger’s Description: Trigger with strategy for BetFair Hi Lo game. It is using an advanced losses limitation system. What is very important in that trigger, if necessary, it starts making stakes randomly. That helps to avoid problems with the Betfair Number Generator. Trigger making stake on Card 1 Or Further only under certain conditions. Approximate income can be equal 50 USD/EUR/GBP per day with stake 5 USD/EUR/GBP. Trigger is stable enough. Hi Lo Stable Recouping With Variables contains also such useful option as protection from Betfair Numbers Generator. There exists an opinion that Betfair can adjust from time to time the results of played games. This problem affects stability of various strategies on Betfair. Because of functions with stake restriction trigger cannot lose more than 52.76 EUR/GPB or 106 USD with the minimum stake 2 EUR or 4 USD during one recouping cycle.

125,44 € ($139.99)

Previous name: Blackjack 5 Cards With Percent From Bank v3.1 Minimal bank: 84 EUR/GPB/USD Recommended minimal bank: 200 EUR/GPB, or 300 USD Minimal bet: 3 % of total bank, but minimum 6 USD/EUR/GBP. It’s impossible to change this figure. Approximate profit per day: Individual. Loss recouping: No Trigger’s Description: X- Blackjack trigger. It works on market “One or more has 5 cards”. Minimal bet is equal 3 % of total bank, but minimum 6 USD/EUR/GBP. It is impossible to change this figure, as it will damage stability of the trigger. In unfavorable conditions, Green up function is making a bet, giving a profit at any situation in the future. The trigger was improved few times. Now it’s already version 3.1. Loss recouping is not used. Incomes are not constant. It’s very difficult to say exact figure, because it depends on situation on the market and from the bank. You can see an approximate tendency on the screen shoot, what profit can be achieved with the minimum bet 6 euros. There are a lot of variable, developed formulas and calculations in the trigger. After purchase you’ll receive 2 triggers on your email address. One trigger is for test money only and the other for real money. Triggers are marked with “test” and "real" words. Besides, that "test" will play only on test, and "real" only on real money, triggers "test" and "real" absolutely identical. Reason of creating 2 triggers is, that the trigger contains a lot of functions, and its program code too big. Because of this it is possible to get some errors in the trigger while processing by program X-Feeder on weak computers. Therefore the trigger was divided on two parts. This should improve stability.

44,80 € ($50.00)

Trigger is using Dealer wins or ties all market.

Minimal bank: 350$.

Minimal bet: 4$.

Loss recouping: Yes

It's recommended by developer not to use trigger 24h every day. 8-10 hour is normal working time.

It's possible to start both Turbo and standart Channels, but it's necessary to increase money ammount for the trigger twice - Up to 700 USD.

Approximate profit per day: Individual

35,83 € ($39.99)

Trigger for Roulette. In this trigger it is necessary to monitor the ups and out on the graph. On the image the profitis constantly increasing, but there are subsidence, so be careful.

64,52 € ($72.00)

Game type: Turbo!!!

Minimal bank: 100 EUR/GPB/USD

Recommended minimal bank: 150 EUR/GPB, или 200 USD

Minimal bet: 4 USD/EUR/GBP.. It’s impossible to change this figure.

Approximate profit per day: Individual.

Loss recouping: Yes

Trigger’s Description:

This trigger from third party, working with us is made for Roulette-turbo. Using Dozens market. Not to overload your system it’s necessary to leave only Dozens market in X-Feeder’s settings. The remaining markets better keep turned off. Trigger is using loss recouping.

There is constant n in the trigger, which could be changed by user. More you will set in constant n field, more reliable will be trigger, but the amount of income will be less too. Exactly in the trigger we are selling, costant n = 11 (can be changed). When it was tested, we observed that trigger can pass couple of days without any bids, so don’t worry if will be so. Just it is waiting for better situation.

During testing from 06/01/2013 to 06/30/2013 the income was $ 687.43 with a minimum bet 4$. Trigger is counting amount of next bet by itself.

40,31 € ($44.99)

The trigger for exchange poker, which is using gaming hystory.

Please note that stakes could be not made for a long time to fit all temrs of the trigger. Note the image. On it the game starts only after about 1,500 games. Anyway the game could begin earlier in theory. Do not use the Recouping. The result achieved on the image with a stake 2 euros.

52,87 € ($59.00)

The trigger for exchange poker holdem. The trigger is working with the favorite, using different parameters to increase the chance to win. In testing madegood results, take a look on the image.


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