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Trigger's profit

Trigger is a script for automated trading on the betting exchange Betfair.com with X-Feeder. Bot can trade or bet automatically, giving you extra, or even primary income. Depends on the chosen strategy. Bot does not need your participation, does not require time to sleep, rest or eat. But, if you want, you can work by your own, using the trigger only as an auxiliary tool.

On the X-Trigger.com you can order triggers with your strategy, or you can buy triggers for Betfair Echange games - Baccarat, Blackjack, Bullseye Roulette, Card Derby Racing, Hi Lo, Hold'em and Omaha Hi (may not currently for all games).

If you have any questions, just contact us and we'll try to help.

Good luck on the Betfair!

This trigger from third party, working with us is made for Blackjack. Passed X-Trigger.com testing.
50.00 USD
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This trigger from third party, working with us is made for Roulette-turbo. Using Dozens market.
72.00 USD
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Spend 5 minutes for reading and it will save you money in the future.
4.99 USD
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Trigger plays on One or more has 5 cards. Bets are equal 3% of the bank.
139.99 USD
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Trigger with strategy for BetFair Hi Lo game.It is using an advanced losses limitation system. Trigger start betting randomly to protect your bank from the Betfair numbers generator, if necessary.
109.99 USD
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Trigger for Hi Lo. Using recouping. Backing on Card 1 or further.
79.99 USD
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Trigger for poker holdem. Working with the favorite
59.00 USD
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The trigger for exchange poker, which is using gaming hystory.
44.99 USD
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Trigger for Hi Lo. Using recouping . The average income is not high, but fairly stable.
59.99 USD
49.99 USD
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Hi Lo Recouping As Usual (Code: 10018)
Trigger for Hi Lo with a very simple strategy. Using recouping, playing on Card 1 or further.
34.99 USD
24.99 USD
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Trigger for Roulette. It is necessary to monitor the ups and out
39.99 USD
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Trigger for the Hi Lo. Using protected stakes.
19.00 USD
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